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PVC Plastic Rods, PVC Sheets, PVC Flexible-Yellow / clear sheets, PVC Rigid Gray sheets, etc

PVC Products


PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride)


PVC Features/ Properties


PVC Sheets & PVC Rods are available from stock in dozens of sizes.


PVC is the most widely used member of the vinyl family. Common applications include chemical processing tanks, valves, fittings & piping systems. PVC Sheets, Rods & Tubes offer excellent corrosion and weather resistance. It has a high strength-to-weight ratio and is a good electrical and thermal insulator. PVC is also self-extinguishing per UL flammability tests. PVC may be used to temperatures of 140°F (60°C). Available in sheets, rods, and tubing.



- High corrosion resistance.

- Good weathering properties.

- Good electric insulation properties.

- Good thermoforming properties.

- Good fabrication properties.


- Linings of process vessels and chemical apparatus.

- Advertising, sales promotion signs and displays.

- Construction industry.

- Electrical industry.

- Laboratories.


The sheets exhibit high impact strength and are ideal for heavy-duty industrial applications. Ideal for chemical process industries and laboratories are used for fabrication and/or lining of Chemical tanks and vessels Ducts and gutters to carry chemicals Control cabinets and panels Equipment and structures for corrosive environments They can be fabricated and installed in an easy way with conventional tools and simple handling methods. PVC is being used for making electrical box, panel etc. PVC can be used in underwater applications. They can be easily worked upon and Thermoforming, Machining, Bonding, Drilling, Welding, Sawing operations can be carried out.

PVC Rods (gray colour)


Standard Sizes:

Diameter: 6 mm to 125 mm;

Length: 1000 mm 


Features: Maximum Service Temperature up to 140° F

Excellent choice of material for use in corrosive environments

Easy to machine, Low cost material


We can provide customized (special) sizes on request;


PVC Sheets

Flexible Sheets

Yellow / Clear - Transparent

Standard Sizes:

Thickness: 1 mm to 5 mm (Yellow)

                  1 mm to 3 mm (Clear)

Sizes: 1.3 mtr width x 10 mtr length (Roll)


We provide customized (special) sizes on request;


PVC Sheets (Gray colour)


Rigid Sheets


Standard Sizes:

Thickness: 1 mm to 50 mm

Sizes:  1.3 mtr width x 2 mtr length

           1 mtr width x 2 mtr length

           1.22 mtr width x 2.44 mtr length


We provide customized (special) sizes on request;

Please visit our website procurefast dot com for prices and standard sizes on all our products